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Climatiseur mural split ElectriQ iQool 18000 BTU WiFi Smart A++ avec iQool18B

Climatiseur mural split ElectriQ iQool 18000 BTU WiFi Smart A++ avec iQool18B
Climatiseur mural split ElectriQ iQool 18000 BTU WiFi Smart A++ avec iQool18B

Climatiseur mural split ElectriQ iQool 18000 BTU WiFi Smart A++ avec iQool18B   Climatiseur mural split ElectriQ iQool 18000 BTU WiFi Smart A++ avec iQool18B
ElectriQ iQool 18000 BTU WiFi Smart A++ Wall Split Air Conditioner with iQool18B. Shop all CCTV & Cameras. Shop all Gadgets & Drones. Manage temp & schedule via smartphone for ultimate control.

Year-round use: cool, heat, & clean air with ease. Dehumidify & remove excess moisture for added comfort.

A++/A+ rated for efficient cooling & heating all year. Powerful 18000 BTU for cooling large areas up to 52 SQM. Follow Me mode: adjusts temp based on remote location.

Sleep mode: perfect for using at night when sleeping. Titanium gold heat exchanger reduces bacteria & mould. Imagine controlling the temperature of your home or office from your smartphone, so you're greeted with a cosy room every time you arrive. Thanks to electriQ's latest air conditioner with built-in Wi-Fi, this is now a reality. Connect it to your home Wi-Fi and use your smartphone to monitor and manage temperature, fan speed, and more from anywhere.

For example, you can set it to turn on later if you're working overtime, helping avoid unnecessary energy waste. It comes with the latest'Follow Me Technology' that lets you adjust the thermostat based on the temperature of the room where the remote control is located.

Just press the'iFEEL' button on the remote and you'll get a comfortable temperature where you want, not where the air con wants! The child lock feature stops your kids from playing with the air-con settings too. It's great for those with allergies or who experience breathing difficulties, as it has a Titanium Gold heat exchanger that is both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, improving air filtration. Plus, it's self-cleaning, so you can enjoy long-term performance with minimal maintenance hassle. Power Supply: 220-240V 50Hz, 1Ph.

Indoor Dimensions (LWH) (CM):91×20.6×29.4. Indoor packaged Dimensions (LWH) (CM):97.9×27.7×37.2. Outdoor Dimensions (LWH) (CM): 85.3×34.9×60.2.

Outdoor packaged Dimensions (LWH) (CM): 89×38.5×62.8. Outdoor Net/Gross Weight (Kg): 34/37. Current input Cooling (A): 8.1 (1.7-12.0). Current input Heating (A): 7.0 (1.7-13.0).

SEER/SCOP Cooling (W/W): 6.1/A++. SEER/SCOP Heating(W/W): 4.0/A+. Copper Pipe Type length: 5m. Liquid side / Gas side (mm/inch): 6.35 (1/4) + 9.52 (3/8).

Super DC Inverter with GMCC Compressor. Easy Fit with 5 meters pipe and cable kit supplied as standard. Heat Pump for efficient heating. Digital White Led temperature and function display. Sleep Mode - Ultra-Quiet Operation.

Child lock for added peace of mind. Optional advanced air filters available. The Titanium Gold air conditioners have enhanced performance due to their specially designed heat exchanger fins, covered with a high efficiency, nano gold anti-corrosive coating they are also self-cleaning. This ensures a long-term and stable performance from the heat exchanger with minimum maintenance.

Our units are designed to reduce the installation time. The indoor and outdoor units are pre-gassed and sealed and they come with a pre-flared pipe-kit, enabling the qualified fitter to easily install them. The indoor unit should be fitted to the wall using a mounting plate supplied in the box.

The condenser should be fixed on the ground or wall mounted on the outside of the wall, using the optional wall-mounting bracket. The unit comes supplied with a 5 metre copper pipe and electrical cable to help reduce the cost of purchasing additional parts. The unit must be installed by a F-Gas qualified AC engineer. Please ensure the qualified fitter reads the user manual in full before installing. These units contain a gas which is governed by F-Gas regulations. The gas must be handled by a qualified F-Gas personnel. Further information on the requirements and ensuring the engineer is qualified can be fo.

GMCC is one of the largest manufacturers of compressors in the world and they have a strategic partnership with Toshiba, being used as R&D facility and manufacturing plant by Toshiba. GMCC compressors use the latest Toshiba technology and they go through strict testing. Then, keep an eye on your inbox for our dispatch note. Just so you know, if you're ordering from a rural or hard to reach location like Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland or the Scottish Highlands or islands, your order may take up to 14 days to arrive. This does not include viruses, malware or software defects caused by installation errors.

We work with trusted couriers to ensure all orders arrive on time and in perfect condition. But, in the rare event that something gets lost or damaged, we'll do everything we can to put this right.

Please share as much information as possible to help us swiftly resolve your issue. Read what our buyers say about us.. We stock all the top brands.

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Climatiseur mural split ElectriQ iQool 18000 BTU WiFi Smart A++ avec iQool18B   Climatiseur mural split ElectriQ iQool 18000 BTU WiFi Smart A++ avec iQool18B